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The Check Your Luck Agency

Not believing in something doesn’t make it go away.TCYLA-200x300

In the six months she’s worked as a paranormal investigator for the “Check Your Luck Agency”, Ursula Formosa has found plenty of larceny, blackmail, fraud and threats…but no evidence of ghosts, jinn, vampires, demons or anything else from the spirit world.

That is, until she joins charming, ex-model Shariff Kadir to host a series of ghost-hunting television programmes, and finds that a world she doesn’t want to believe in has just been waiting for her to turn up.

ISBN: 978-0-9871445-1-5
(Amazon) ASIN: B005TI4CNE
Cover design: Sandal Press
Length: 46,000 words
Advisory: Urban fantasy in an exotic setting
Keywords: Urban Fantasy, Malaysia, Singapore, Asia, Eurasian Heroine, Ghosts, Mythology, Food Porn, Vampires, Curses, Demons, Mysteries

Release date: October 2011

Recommended Price: US$3.99 FREE!



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What readers are saying:

I believe this short novel is the beginning of something great and hope I get to review the rest of the stories as well. This is a great afternoon’s pleasure – enjoy!
– Nancy, Cheryl’s Book Nook

Enjoyably fresh paranormal
– Andrea K Host, Amazon reader

An alternative to Nury Vittachi’s THE FENG SHUI DETECTIVE and Alexander McCall Smith’s THE NUMBER ONE LADIES’ DETECTIVE AGENCY, Cara d’Bastian’s THE CHECK YOUR LUCK AGENCY is a cosy mystery that’s the first in a series.
– Tez Miller, Amazon reader