After a break, as we ruminated on the blog and its very existence for several weeks, we have decided to move to a blogging schedule of posting twice a month. For the sake of predictability, this translates to the first and fifteenth of each month. In which case, welcome to September’s blog post!

We are readying two releases at the moment: the third part of the Check Your Luck series, WRATH OF THE HARIMAU, and a cyberpunk romance, OVERCLOCKED. HARIMAU is scheduled for the end of the month and OVERCLOCKED will also be available within four weeks of that release. We are also putting news snippets together for our first Sandal Press newsletter, due out in the first week of October. There will be some big news in that newsletter, so make sure you subscribe, by choosing the UFO newspaper icon in the sidebar.

It’s a little scary looking over the cliff at Q4, 2012. It seems like only yesterday that we were readying our first release for the year (QUINTEN’S STORY), and now we’re already beyond the last and into 2013 planning!

Our KDP Select experiment with BALANCE OF TERROR has proven, to us anyway, that the whole KDP Select thing has jumped the shark. With a total of 305 free downloads during our first freebie weekend, all our readings said that this should translate into plenty of paying sales as well, but this is turning out not to be the case. For the kind of books that Sandal releases, we think it’s safe to declare KDP Select a bust and won’t be doing it again.

No other news for the start of this month. We’re still not sure what to write for the mid-month post, but I’m sure something will occur to us.


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New blogging schedule…hello September!

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September 1st, 2012