The third book of the Check Your Luck series, WRATH OF THE HARIMAU, has been completed and is now resting. This is a necessary step for the book to store up energy before being pummelled by the author and editors in round upon round of edits. By the end of this, HARIMAU will be so eager to escape people’s clutches that it will fling itself upon an unsuspecting world without a care in the world.

Author Cara d’Bastian says: “If each book in the series is a day of the working week, then WRATH OF THE HARIMAU was definitely my ‘hump’ book. I’m just so glad (and relieved) that I managed to get it done and looking reasonably coherent…although I could be contradicting what my editors will say. NIGHT OF THE PONTIANAK [Book 4 of the series], here I come!”

And I know it’s late, but the traditional authors’ anthem of Big Publishing being some kind of “curator” of “quality” has taken a rather severe beating with last month’s news that Penguin bought Author Solutions, that money-grubbing vanity press.

According to Penguin Chief Executive John Makinson:

This acquisition will allow Penguin to participate fully in perhaps the fastest-growing area of the publishing economy and gain skills in customer acquisition and data analytics that will be vital for our future.

Notice that he didn’t say “better books” or “cutting-edge literature” or “new vistas for the reading public”. No, instead Makinson spoke of “customer acquisition” and “data analytics”. Because, as we all know, data-mining == literary quality.


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WRATH OF HARIMAU resting #uf

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August 9th, 2012